What do you think is the biggest organ of the body? Our skin! It is designed to be on the front line when it comes to protecting our internal body, it helps regulate our body temperature and it contains a huge network of nerves helping us feel and experience life. How amazing is this?! 


Doesn’t this make you feel so much responsibility towards taking care of your skin? Luckily there are so many safe and effective ways to take good care of our protective barrier. One simple way: GO NATURAL! I think the most important reason for us to use natural skin care products is to ensure that bad ingredients are not being absorbed into our skin or worse- infiltrate our bloodstream!


Another way to love our skin is to keep in mind that beauty comes from the inside as well. Living a healthy balanced life will most definitely give you that extra glow. Rooibos tea is a very powerful anti-oxidant and believe it or not, it has anti-aging properties! I try to have at least 2 cups of Seaton and Lamb’s LEA Rooibos tea a day and it is super YUM!


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but these days “going green” and “doing natural” are becoming increasingly important, and rightfully so. If you think about it, the greener we go – the longer we can go. By using more and more natural skin care products we are giving our bodies so much love and we are saving our planet at the same time. What an awesome combo! 


Now that we have established that going green is better for the environment, what about the effect that these beauty products have on our skin and bodies?


Ask yourself: Is it possible that my beauty routine could possibly be damaging my skin and body, and at the same time be bad for the environment?

Do you know how much lipstick the average woman eats during her lifetime? An astonishing average of 2-4kg. Wouldn’t you rather eat natural ingredients than harmful,  synthetic chemicals that were created in some lab? For example, some great natural ingredients that can be used in lip care are beeswax, coconut oil, beetroot and real berry powder. These can also be found in the Dear Skin’s wonderful lip balm, Dear Lips, stylishly packaged in biodegradable bamboo packaging.  


Any packaging that you have to throw away in the dustbin, because it isn’t recyclable or reusable, is BAD! Why not rather use natural skincare products in beautiful glass containers or biodegradable packaging? Seaton and Lamb walks the extra mile to ensure that you can use their amazing products with a clear conscious, along with environmentally friendly packaging.


Secondly, most of the products that we put on our bodies eventually get washed down our drains. The scary part is that we don’t usually think of it as chemicals getting flushed into our rivers, dams and public water systems. This is not only a disturbing thought, but is in reality really damaging to our planet’s eco-systems.


I give my skin some love with the Dear Skin range. Get your skin back to the “so sag soos bababoudjies”-stage with natural ingredients such as shea butter and coconut oil. Vitamin E oil is such a fantastic antioxidant, fighting a winning battle against free radicals and nourishing the skin at the same time!Whenever in doubt – natural is ALWAYS better! Better for you and better for the planet. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold.