Rooibos is a delicious, caffeine-free tea only grown in a small area in the Western Cape. While other teas have an acquired taste, Rooibos tea has a sweet, mild flavor profile with notes of honey and vanilla. The red beverage is one of the most palate-pleasing types of tea in the world. In addition to the flavor, the tea is packed with health benefits and safe and healthy for the whole family.

The main nutritional benefit of Rooibos tea lies in its rich antioxidant content and it being a source of some unique polyphenols, including Aspalathin. These protective plant compounds may help protect against free radical damage that leads to conditions like diabetes, heart disease and potentially cancer.


 Buchu is often called South Africa’s miracle medicinal plant. It has many health benefits, but probably the most prominent of these are its natural diuretic effect, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Because it is a potent natural diuretic, it assists in the treatment of urinary tract infections, as it helps with ‘flushing out’ and even eliminating the pathogen. Buchu helps to lower blood pressure (as does prescription diuretics) and helps to increase insulin secretion, which in turn controls glucose levels.

The Buchu used in our very popular Rooibos and Buchu blend grows wild in the mountains on our farm, and is also harvested by hand. We take great pride in the excellent quality of this LEA Rooibos variant.



Cancer bush is frequently referred to as ‘the quality of life tonic’. This medicinal plant is not just consumed, as its common name suggests, for its potent cancer-fighting properties.

In its natural form, it assists in the treatment of a whole spectrum of other ailments, including diabetes, colds & flu, asthma, TB, bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, liver problems, piles, bladder infections, diarrhoea, heartburn, peptic ulcers and even stress and anxiety.


 Not only is spicy Chai tea synonymous with warm cups of tea on cold winter nights, it also has a wide range of health benefits.

Not only does the combination of powerful ingredients make it a strong antioxidant, it also improves digestion and boosts the metabolism. We’ve even had a few mommies-to-be contact us about its anti-emetic effect, which greatly eased their morning-sickness symptoms early in their pregnancies! This truly is an all-round delicious, healthy and comforting drink.

Our Chai mix consists of Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger and Pepper.



Chamomile is well known for its sleep-inducing properties, but that is definitely not all this pretty little flower is good for. Chamomile tea is commonly referred to as the calming tea, promoting sleep and decreasing anxiety, but through the years, several more indications have been added to its list of benefits.

Chamomile tea is also consumed to calm an upset stomach and to aid in other digestive system issues such as indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome and flatulence. Research has shown that drinking chamomile tea can lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, thus making it a great supplement to existing treatment.

Chamomile has even been found to reduce the severity of menstrual cramps..